Fix it or list it

Opt-in our fix it or list it program and get your home newly renovated, or buy a new home and sell your current one.

Over time, many homeowners outgrow their current home or need serious renovations. Often times they wonder, should I remodel or sell? WAL TRAM’S  Fix it or List it Program can help make that decision easier.

We work with General Woodworking, a reputable contracting company, that handle renovations for clients who wish to remain in their home.

For those not interested in renovating, WAL TRAM Realtors will work with homeowners’ to sell and search for a new home.

Wal-Tram and General Woodworking work in concert to appeal to the homeowner’s needs. If renovations are what they wish to pursue, the homeowner has to provide the team with a list of things they wish to change and a reasonable budget for the renovations.

While the renovation team works on the current home, WAL TRAM’S agents will present the homeowners’ with their new list price, taking into account, the added renovations and upgrades. The agent also shows the homeowners’ other homes in the area and then they ultimately decide to Stay or Sell.