A house in good condition demonstrates pride of ownership. We are best in this BECAUSE WE’VE GOT THE TOOLS!


Nothing turns off a potential buyer faster than peeling paint, a broken window, or a splintered step. It’s wise to make necessary repairs before you put your house on the market. A house in good condition demonstrates pride of ownership.

Small problems like a loose railing or a leaky faucet may seem trivial, but it doesn’t take many repair issues to get a potential buyer worried. If they see little repairs left undone, they often assume there are more problems that they can’t see.

The listings that command the most attention are those that are in the best condition. If homes look sharp and are priced right, more than one buyer may make an offer. When multiple offers occur, the price may get bid up.

Experience has shown us that a house in good condition will sell more quickly than one that needs work.

Sellers that skip the minor repairs often get frustrated because they are getting calls from bargain hunters. These individuals are looking for a cheap house to fix up themselves.

To avoid this common mistake, let us manage your minor repairs – take advantage of our FREE HOME IMPROVING AND STAGING PROGRAM.

How we do it?

We are a family oriented real estate establishment who also owns a construction business. Our team of experts will secure all minor repairs and get your home ready for sale in no time.

We won’t let several small problems cause buyers to shy away, but the best part is, we will do it at NO COST TO YOU!.

Schedule an appointment with our professional team to appraise and inspect your home. The agents will let you know how much your house is worth and advise you of what repairs need to be done.

You won’t be required to make any decision, all we ask is for the opportunity to further explain our valuable program.

What we get out of it?

It’s simple, we list your house the same way other real estate agencies do and negotiate the same comparative commission.

The only difference is that we are unique just BECAUSE WE’VE GOT THE TOOLS!